Present: Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Dale Sattler, Jerry Ford, Alan Church and Jon Stika.

Jon reported that the 60 gallon oak used wine barrel is in his garage and filled with water.  The barrel wood has swelled and sealed the barrel watertight.  Dale provided a drilled rubber stopper to fit the hole in the barrel to provide for an airlock after the barrel is filled with beer.  No date has been set to fill the barrel.  Ryan reported that 65 gallons of beer are now accounted for with 35 gallons now onsite at Custom Data.  Ryan will check with the DSU Foundation regarding any award money due the club from Brews and Blues.  Rocky provided a treasurer’s report showing a balance of $619.65.  Ryan brought a Belgian Pale Ale, Rocky an Alt, Jon a Pilsner lager, Jerry a Spruce Wheat Ale and Dale a grape/apple wine.

Jon Stika