April 2012



Present: Jerry Ford, Chip Ford, Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz, Jay Frenzel, Michael Kreitinger, Jeremiah Thorpe, Alan Church, Jeremy Heidecker, Lance Weiler, Doug Fettig, Jeremy Hereth and Jon Stika.

Treasurer Stoltz provided a Treasurers report.  Current balance is $599.66.  Motion by Ryan to submit and pay for a BJCP sanctioned home brew competition for HRHB club members only to coincide with the club picnic tentatively scheduled for September 8th.  Seconded by Alan.  Motion passed.  Jon will submit the application for the competition.  Discussed the brewing of beer to fill the 60 gallon wine barrel purchased earlier by the club.  It was agreed that Stout’s, Imperial Stout’s, or Baltic Porter’s would be brewed to fill the barrel.  Jon reported that he has already brewed the Lord Fatbottom barley wine with the kit donated to the club by Hawk’s Point and that beer would be added to the barrel.  Those who committed to brewing to fill the barrel include: Ryan (10 gallons), Jon (5 gallons), Rocky (5 gallons), Jeremy Heidecker (5 gallons), Alan (10 gallons), Jeremiah Thorpe (5 gallons), Jerry (5 gallons), Jay Frenzel (5 gallons) and Paul Ellerkamp (5 gallons).  It was agreed that the beers should be brewed, in a secondary fermenter and delivered to Custom Data (where the barrel will be kept) by the June club meeting.  Discussed Blues and Brews event scheduled for June 2nd at the Badlands Activity Center.  The club brewed three beers for Hawk’s Point to serve at the event.  It was agreed that if one of those beers should win any prize that Hawk’s Point would retain what ever prize money would cover their expenses for the kits and the remainder would be donated to the club.  Discussed the ND Brewers Campout at Cross Ranch June 23-24.  Mike reported that the K of C beer event would be held at the Dickinson Recreation Center on September 27th to include a BJCP sanctioned home brew competition with details to be determined.  Ryan reported that membership cards are available on the club website under each members name.  A wide selection of beers were sampled at this meeting including Saison’s, Black Lager, Pilsner Lager, beer left from last years’ Blues and Brews event, IPAs and Cream Ale.  Lance Weiler paid $25 dues.

Jon Stika


Jerry, Ryan, Rocky and Jon brewed a Blonde Ale, Cream Ale and Raspberry Wheat at Hawk’s Point on Friday the 13th.