July 2011

Present: Jerry Ford, Dale Sattler, Michael Kreitinger, Alan Church, Ryan Jilek, Rocky Stoltz and Jon Stika.

Received a $100 donation from the Dickinson State University Foundation in appreciation of our efforts to teach Hawk’s Point residents about brewing beer.  Ryan will follow up with Hawk’s Point regarding another teaching session to brew a barley wine later this summer or fall.  Discussed the club’s role in the upcoming Knights of Columbus event scheduled for Thursday, October 6th at the Badlands Activity Center.  Two English Bitter kits will be purchased, one to brew and serve at the event and the other to brew as a demonstration during the event.  Saturday, September 10th was set as the date for the club picnic at Sattler’s, 1020 5th Street West in Dickinson.

Ryan brought a peak-smoked ale and a dark IPA.  Mike brought an Irish Red Ale.  Dale brought Grand Teton’s Lost Continent Double IPA.  Alan brought Boston Beer Co. Infinium and two home brewed lambics.  Rocky brought a home brewed Cream Ale.  Jerry brought Summit’s Gold Sovereign Ale.

Jon Stika

Jilek Brewhaus' Hop Yard

Well the hop yard at the Jilek Brewhaus is doing quite well this year.