Well guys with this years hop harvest on the near horizon I thought I better list some of the inventory I have and hopefully get some of them on your fall brewing schedule so that they can get used up.  I really don’t want to wast any of these.  Here is a list of the ones I have and the quantities.

Whole Leaf Hops:
20 oz. Willamette (unknown AA)
6 oz. Cascade 7.0% & 7.2% (2 oz to Jon)
3 oz. Simcoe 12.9%
6 oz. Amarillo 9.3% & 9.0%
2 oz. Fuggle 4.7% (gone to Jon)
16 oz. Fuggle Homegrown
8 oz. Centennial Homegrown

Pellet Hops:
0.5 oz Sterling 6.0%
1 oz. Hallertau 1.5% (gone to Jon)
1 oz. German Spalt 4.0% (gone to Jon)
2 oz. Cascade 6.0% & 5.6% (1 oz to Jon)

Old Hops (greater than one year or questionable age)
2 oz. Goldings 3.3% (gone to Jon)
3 oz. Cluster 6.8%
1 oz. Saaz 3.5%

If you are interested please let me know and I’ll reserver them for you.  Here are pictures of my hops this year and I’m thinking I’ll be good on Fuggle and Centennial again this fall!!

Cheers, Ryan