Present: Paul Ellerkamp, Ryan Jilek, Todd Solem, Dennis Froemke, Rocky Stoltz and Jon Stika.

Dennis paid his dues of $25 for 2009.  Jon brought some ale that he and his son-in-law Moe, made in February.  The group judged it to be good and closest to the Kolsch style of ale.  The beer of the month from Town and Country Liquors was Breckenridge’s Small Batch 471 Double IPA (India Pale Ale).  The group described 471 as very hoppy from start to finish with each of the four hop varieties (Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe and Fuggles) expressed throughout.  The hoppiness was balanced with good malt sweetness.  Fruit-flavored esters from the yeast, citrusy (grapefruit-like) flavors from the hops, and 9.2% alcohol rounded out the flavor profile.

The group reviewed the Articles of Incorporation for the club and affixed the necessary signatures to prepare it for submission to the state of North Dakota with the $30 fee.  The Consent to Serve form was also completed naming Rocky Stoltz as the club officer to serve ($10 fee).

Dennis brought some 60 Shilling Ale that he brewed from an extract kit.  The ale was good for the style, but a bit thin in the middle of the flavor profile.  Ryan brought some Cave Creek Chili beer which was a pilsner lager style beer with a Serrano pepper in each bottle… the pepper dominated the flavor profile.

The group decided on the landscape format of the club logo to be used on the beer glasses Ryan purchased earlier.  Ryan will have the stencil produced to apply to the glasses and etch them with an acid solution.

Jon Stika